Our Promise

The needs of individuals and businesses vary from case to case, so it is difficult and ultimately unhelpful to offer specific packages and prices on web sites. NKNet is a surprisingly affordable solution, no matter what your needs may be.

Your needs are specific - our skills are as well. Our experience lies in design. We are your solution for simple but graphically enticing web design. Our goal is your satisfaction - so if your business' online needs go beyond a visually compelling internet presentation, other companies will better suit your needs.

NKNet is your best bet for an affordable, stunning website. Let us prove it to you.

Our Audience

NKNet recognizes a dilemma faced by many individuals and small businesses: you need a website, but you don't have the money or skills to maintain an extensive online representation. The solution is a compact, attractively designed web presence that offers your customers/visitors basic, though important, information such as:

Keeping changing content minimal reduces the burden a website can place on businesses ill-equipped to maintain one. Our eye-catching and unique designs ensure your website grabs attention despite its essentially static nature.

So, can we put that in one sentence for you? Certainly. NKNet is the solution if you need a website but don't have the time to be updating it regularly.

Our Priorities

At NKNet, we know your relatively subtle online needs are no excuse for a mediocre, shortsighted website. That's why any website NKNet delivers is guaranteed to feature:

Our Policies

Recognizing the trend of computer users worldwide, NKNet designs its websites with the Internet Explorer user in mind. Over 90% of internet users worldwide now surf the web with Microsoft's browser, and we consequently optimizes our websites for viewing on this platform. While we strive to retain optimal compatibility with other browsers, particularly Netscape, it is clear most visitors to your website will be visiting in Internet Explorer. By focusing our testing on this one browser platform, we are able to offer more and better-working features as well as a shorter site development time. NKNet websites will always be optimized for viewing at resolutions of 800x600 and above.

Our Skills

Simplicity where it's needed, not where it limits your website's potential. Where appropriate, we'll create Flash or GIF animations for your website. More basic features like tickers and hit counters are examples of additional features we know many of our customers appreciate, and happily provide. Issues like these are decided upon during the consultation phase of your order.

NKNet web designers speak English, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Spanish and Dutch.

Our Process

The normal customer process is outlined below. Generally, if you have the information and materials we will need to create your website on hand, you can expect your finished product within a couple weeks, though this may also depend on our own work load. Larger websites will obviously take longer. You will receive an estimate on the completion time along with your price quote.

  1. Contact: Your initial communication with NKNet. After receiving details relating to the complexity, scale, and nature of your needs we provide a price quote.

  2. Consultation: Should you find our offer agreeable, you proceed to determine and relay, with our help, the exact specifications of the website you want. Such details include any eventual logos, business images, and texts.

  3. Creation: Having received all the information we need, NKNet creates your website. While we work on it, we publish gradual updates to a hidden web location so that you (and only you) may view it and offer your comments. Depending on the complexity and urgency of your needs, this can take anywhere from several days to a couple weeks.

  4. Review: Once we have a working website completed, it is your turn to review it. Within reason, all your additional requests and desired modifications are completed.

  5. Payment: At this point, your payment to us is due. Unless specifically agreed upon otherwise, any eventual maintenance of the website is your responsibility. You may, however, let us know when you are having difficulties and in most cases we will do our best to give you a hand.

  6. Completion: With the website finished, it is time to take care of the remaining technical details. If you already have a domain/host we will publish it there for your convenience, and send you a copy of your website on a CD. If you do not yet have a domain or web host, we will find some for you if you request it. Hosting prices average $10/month, and a domain name will cost you about $20/year. After this has been taken care of, we upload the site for you and send you a copy on a CD.

That's all it takes to get your business online with NKNet.

Our Price

Every website is different, and for that reason every price will be as well. Web design is generally an expensive service. While many of our competitors will lock you in by offering a set amount of images and pages, we believe in a more flexible approach. It works better when you tell us what you want, and we then put a price on it. For very approximate comparison purposes, you can generally expect your price quote from us to be under $1000, and sometimes as low as $500 or even less. The primary factor in determining the cost of your website is the complexity and size of it. For additional fees, we are also sometimes able to expedite our design process if your needs are immediate. Do remember, however, that these prices exclude hosting and domain fees required for every website regardless of who designs it for you.