NKNet has built itself a solid reputation as a provider of impressive low-maintenance, well designed, and affordable website solutions. While the benefits of a personal or business website are many and often touted, it is easy to forget the work that must go into not only creating it but also keeping it up-to-date. NKNet addresses that problem with sophisticated websites that require little to no upkeep.

NKNet was formally established in 1998, founded by Nicholas J. C. Boyd and Kubilay Canaltay. We have been engaged in web design for over four years, since adding Nick Pedersen and Serj Mooradian as associates, and during which we have created successful web solutions for a number of individuals and companies. We are essentially an organization of friends and web designers that under the NKNet brand are eager to provide web-aspiring businesses and individuals with responsive, convenient, and ultimately successful web design services.

While NKNet currently only operates within web design, we have in the past been engaged in the fields of publishing, software and graphics design. For more information on prior activities, please e-mail us.

If your website needs are small but important, if you don't how or where to get started when it comes to a home page, if money is tight but the end result is critical, contact NKNet for a solution that matches your needs.